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Good Work Deserves Recognition.

INC Awards program comprises the Golden Nut Award, the Award for Excellence in Gastronomy, the Award for Excellence in Research and Innovation Awards.

Individual Golden Nut Award

Mr. Giles Hacking

CG Hacking & Sons

The Individual Golden Nut Award will be given to Mr. Giles Hacking. With Chris Hacking as a father, Giles was born into the nut business in 1963. At the time Chris was working for a large commodity business in the City of London, before striking out on his own, establishing CG Hacking & Sons in 1971. After a brief spell working in television in Sydney, Giles went on to an early career in advertising, before being convinced by Chris that the commodity business was the future. He went on to join one of London’s leading Cocoa and coffee dealers, spending the next ten years trading physicals and futures, based  in London and New York. Eventually, the ‘lure’ of the nut and dried fruit industry proved too strong to resist, and Giles joined CG Hacking in 1994.

In 1997, the INC celebrated its first London Congress, where Chris Hacking, a founding father of the INC, acted as ‘conference chair’ and received the INC Golden Nut Award. Two years later Giles was appointed to the INC Board and in 2004 was elected to the INC Executive Committee where he continues to serve. Giles was appointed to the INC Chairmanship in Budapest in 2011, and during his four year tenure, membership of the foundation increased by ten percent. Also, during this time Congress attendances went from 800 to over 1100 participants in Barcelona Congress. Another exciting development during this period, was the INC’s move from the Reus Chamber of Commerce to its ‘new home’ Mas Barrufet. Giles has been married to Sarah for 25 years (this May!) , and together they have three children, Edward, Marina & Felix, who will be with us in Seville. 

Corporate Golden Nut Award

Borges Agricultural and Industrial Nuts

The Corporate Golden Nut Award will be given to Borges Agricultural and Industrial Nuts. Leader in the industrial processing and marketing of almonds, walnuts, pistachios and other nuts, Borges has historically sustained steady market share and a consolidated business, driven by a strong international commercial network selling in sixty-three countries and maintaining an excellent reputation in its sector as benchmark of quality.

In 1987 the company started its agricultural project, acquiring its own farms producing walnuts, pistachios and almonds, with a significant presence in California, Spain and Portugal. This allowed Borges to obtain a high level of first-hand traceability and crop information unrivalled in its sector. Internationalization has been part of the DNA of the Borges since it first began exporting in 1957. The company has seven commercial and manufacturing offices worldwide to serve its consumers around the world and owns 21 farms totaling more than 2,400 ha. Borges Agricultural & Industrial Nuts is the only European nut company quoted in the stock market -the Bolsa de Madrid continuous market.

Excellence in Research

PREDIMED Study Group

The Award for Excellence in Research will be delivered to the PREDIMED Study Group. This is the largest ever randomized primary prevention trial showing that a typical Mediterranean diet supplemented with nuts (30 g/day) is beneficial against the incidence of several major chronic diseases in subjects at high cardiovascular risk.

The study was conducted in 16 centres in Spain with nearly 7,500 participants and a median follow-up of 4.8 years. Results showed a significant (28-30%) reduction in the combined endpoint of heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular death. Researchers found eating a Mediterranean diet with a 30g handful of mixed nuts (walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts) a day helps improve heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, weight and brain function. To date the PREDIMED study groups have published over 230 papers in scientific journals. The team of the PREDIMED study was coordinated by Dr. Ramon Estruch from Hospital Clínic, University of Barcelona, who also leads the groups included in the Biomedical Research Centre in Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition (CIBERobn).

Excellence in Gastronomy

Chef Joan Bosch

Can Bosch restaurant

The Award for Excellence in Gastronomy will go to Chef Joan Bosch, of the Can Bosch restaurant in Cambrils (Spain). Bosch is the benchmark for a gastronomic tradition that is steeped in the Mediterranean cuisine of Cambrils, of its fishermen and the excellent product offered to us with the flavors of the sea and garden produce.

From the premises that were set up back in 1964, Can Bosch has positioned itself to become what it is today, a gastronomic benchmark both within and outside our borders. Joan began working in front of the stove through pure chance and this led him to become self-taught, demanding and a creator of cuisine that placed value on the product and its seasonality. All of this meaning that he has had a Michelin star for 34 years now, in addition to top rankings in prestigious gastronomic guides. Bosch has been a constant and untiring worker, self-taught, and he has made cuisine his passion and his restaurant is both a national and international insignia. And this has been maintained thanks to the learning path, to experimenting and to seeking perfection in the dishes he offers us and that he has offered us from Cambrils.

Innovation Award

The INC Innovation Award winner was Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella for its 100% All Natural Pistachio Chewy Bites, Pistachio + Blueberry Infused Cranberry. Setton Farms COO, Mia Cohen, picked up the prize who explained that the company has been working on the product for ten years now. “We wanted to come up with a way for consumers to enjoy pistachios in new unique ways. As pistachio advocates it is our passion, it’s what we live and breathe”, she explained on stage.

The other candidates to the Innovation Award were: Wicked Harvest Pistachio Bourbon Whiskey developed by Wicked Harvest (Meridian Growers), USA; SurroNov® developed by Novolyze, France; Blue Diamond Crafted Gourmet developed by Blue Diamond Growers, USA; Infused dried super-fruit blackcurrants developed by Berry Ltd, UK; Innovation Technology Center developed by Bösch Boden Spies GmbH & Co. KG, Germany; Sherlock Hybrid, Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) developed by Insort GmbH, Austria; Walnutmilk developed by Mariani Nut Company, USA; Coconut Almonds, DRB Foods, California Agri Nuts Corporation, India. INC thanks all of them for submitting their products and services to the Innovation Award.