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Let yourself be seduced by Dubai (UAE).



Dubai: From a humble village to a cosmopolitan city

Dubai has transformed from a humble fishing village to one of the most cosmopolitan and innovative cities in the world. Tracing its origins back to 3,000 BC, Dubai's inhabitants made their livelihood from fishing, pearl diving, boat building and sea trading, before the discovery of oil in the late 1960s. In 1971, Dubai joined its neighbours to form the United Arab Emirates, safeguarding the area's prosperity.

From Burj Khalifa to Palm Jumeirah, explore Dubai’s best things to do and must-see tourist attractions

Dubai is a city that must be seen to be believed. Record-breaking architecture stands alongside traditional quarters, while man-made islands jut out of the coastline. Here are the top places to tick off your sightseeing list when you’re in town.

  • Burj Khalifa - Iconic Dubai
  • The Dubai Mall - A shopper’s paradise
  • The Dubai Fountain - An awe-inspiring show
  • Palm Jumeirah - A palm-shaped island
  • Dubai Creek - Ancient trade routes
  • Al Fahidi - Uncover Dubai’s past
  • Dubai Marina - Stunning cityscape
  • Dubai Canal - On the water
  • Dubai Opera - Centre of culture
  • Dubai Frame - A tale of two cities
  • The Desert - A majestic landscape

May 12, 2022


Tour starts at 9:00 am 
Bus pick up point: Conference Center Entrance
Duration: Up to 6 hours. 
Tour finishes at 2:00 pm

The objective of the tour is to give a glimpse about how people lived in the past before the Union and before the discovery of oil in the Emirate of Dubai, when it was a Pearl diving village and a regional hub for trade between the Arabian Gulf and Indian subcontinent and other cities.
A walk-through day of lore to see, feel and experience how the people lived and leveraged the available resources that their environment provided. You will also discover how Emiratis have a strong sense of community and social values.

Key interests: History, Culture, Tradition, Culinary


  • Visit Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House
  • Walk through Heritage Village of Dubai to get a better understanding about Tradition Occupation People of UAE used to do, Housing Models they used to live in and Traditional Food and way of making it
  • A ride on the traditional Abra boat across scenic Dubai Creek
  • A visit to the Spice and Gold Souks, with tantalizing scents and shimmering jewellery
  • Visit Al Ahmadieh Heritage Guest House which has been built in the style of a traditional Arabic Heritage House with a typical central courtyard.
  • Visit Al Ahmadyah School which was founded and established by His Eminence, the late Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmouk in 1912.
  • Lunch at the Bayt Al Wakeel Local Restaurant Overlooking Dubai Creek

May 12, 2022 Dubai


Go on a hair-raising adventure and explore the thrilling side of the desert region of Dubai in a 4WD vehicle before the INC’s Casual Buffet Dinner held in the Desert Camp. Take a dune drive across the golden sand and experience a spectacular sunset on this desert safari tour.

Your dune bashing experience will begin with our team of professional drivers picking you up from the Madinat Jumeirah Resort and driving you straight to the desert. After deflating the tires and meeting up with the other groups, your dune bashing adventure begins!

3:30 pm - Pick-up from Madinat Jumeirah Resort (dune bashing participants only) 

4:20 pm - Arrive at the Desert stop: briefing and vehicle preparation

4:45 pm - Dune Bashing Experience starts

5:15 pm - Arrive at sunset spot: Time to take pictures and enjoy the desert views

6:30 pm - After sunset, transfer to the Desert Camp for the Casual Buffet Dinner

Please note that dune bashing is an extreme sport. Only Delegates and Accompanying persons who enjoy high-adrenaline activities should participate. All vehicles are driven by official drivers with experience in dune bashing.

This activity is included in the INC Congress fee.

May 12, 2022 Dubai Desert

May 13, 2022


Tour starts at 9:00 am 
Bus pick up point: Conference Center Entrance
Duration: Up to 6 hours. 
Tour finishes at 3:00 pm

Discover the bustling metropolis of Dubai with its dazzling skyline and pristine beaches. The ‘Modern Dubai City Tour’ will take you on a magical journey to iconic landmarks that form the heart and soul of this modern city of contrasts. Visiting the world’s tallest building, the largest mall to ever exist which houses one of the biggest aquariums in the world or the trendiest glittering spots in the town, this unique tour is bound to create memories that will cherish forever.

Key interests
: City, Entertainment, Skyscrapers, Views, Iconic structures


  • A visit to Dubai Marina, an awe-inspiring city-within-a city with a cosmopolitan, free-spirited atmosphere and unique, invigorating lifestyle
  • A drive across Palm Jumeirah, world’s largest artificially made island abundant with opulent hotels and homes, with a photo stop at the iconic Atlantis Hotel
  • A visit to The Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world
  • A journey to ‘At the Top’ observation deck on level 124 of the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa
  • Lunch at Siraj Restaurant Souq Al Bahar Restaurant

May 13, 2022 Dubai