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Guillaume Pagy

Guillaume Pagy

Pagysa, Turkey

  • Wednesday 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM - DRIED APRICOTS, FIGS, DATES Round Table Congress Program

Born in İzmir, Guillaume studied and worked in France, where he became a Business Graduate from ESC La Rochelle in 1991. He continued his studies and career in tandem in other European countries until 1994.

He returned to Turkey in 1995 after backpacking though South America for a year, joined the family company, and began his path to becoming Managing Director of Pagysa and Nova Fruits Int’l by working in the processing plant.

The experience he accumulated while overseas continues to be a key point in the companies’ success in their fields. Under his guidance as MD, both companies are leading processors, packers and exporters of dried fruits, supplying both the food industry and retailers, tactfully bridging the gap between producer and consumer.