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Behrooz Agah

Behrooz Agah

Iran Pistachio Association, Iran

Behrooz Agah is the grandson of the originator of modern international pistachio industry. His family’s involvement with pistachios started about a century ago, when his late grandfather, Gholam Reza Agah, started the first mechanized pistachio farm in the early 1920s in Iran. Behrooz is a third generation pistachio farmer/trader.

He currently leads the Agah Group, which operates 4,000 hectares of family farms, as well as Arian Milan, an export company, Negin Sayareh Sabz, a pistachio processing company plus a GPPK (Green Peeled Pistachio Kernel) production operation. The Agah Group produces and exports low-risk Aflatoxin and pesticide residue pistachios to its customers worldwide.

Behrooz is a founding member of Iran Pistachio Association (IPA). He has been a member of IPA’s Board of Trustees for 13 years. He is the permanent representative/speaker of IPA at the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (INC). Established in 2007, IPA is a non-profit private organization representing various sectors of Iranian pistachio industry (growers, exporters, processors and service providers). IPA has provided regular monthly information, data and statistics regarding Iran’s pistachio industry and has been a voice for this industry in many international venues since 2010.