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Alan Sutton

Alan Sutton

Founder & Chairman of The Valley Macadamia Group

Alan Sutton is the Founder and current Chairman of The Valley Macadamia Group. Alan has enjoyed a career in the Macadamia Industry for just over 23 years, where he has developed a large Macadamia Farming footprint in two provinces in South Africa [Limpopo and Mpumalanga], branded as Sutton Crest Farms. Farming Macadamias being his passion, Alan has developed a Macadamia group covering a vertical line of integration throughout the Macadamia supply chain.

The Valley Macadamia Group processes Macadamias from outside Growers, as well as Alan’s own farms, for Global export.

He was a pioneer in the export of Macadamia in shell to Asia from South Africa, and stands by his company slogan “From Farm to Fork, we place our Farmers First”.

Alan enjoys being around his family and where possible enjoys down time at his Family Game Farm in Limpopo.